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Oba Michael Kuye Arójòjoyè, II

Oba Michael Kuye Arojojoye II was born on March 16, 1906, to the Royal Family of Oba Arojojoye I and Olori Eketunde Arojojoye. His father was a descendant of Lamiloro – the common root of the Ogunkolas, Fashakins and Meserisa Olashore the grandmother of the current Ajagbusi Ekun III of lloko-ljesha, His Royal Highness Oba Oladele Olashore. His mother too was a princess from Ibokun in the Obokun Local Government Area.

He attended St. Peter’s School, Ibokun while living with Late J. K. Oladimeji who was then a teacher there. Thereafter, he became a transporter and a successful trader at Ede, lIesha and llorin before he ascended the throne of his forefathers in 1947 as the Ogboni of Ijebu-Jesha.

Oba Michael Kuye AROJOJOYE II
Oba Michael Kuye Arójòjoyè, II

While on the throne, he fought relentlessly to make Ijebu-Jesha an independent town, and as such, Ijesha Northern District Council was carved out of lIesha Native Administration in the mid 1950’s. He thereafter ascertained his historic position as the elder brother of the Owa of Ilesha.

In 1957, Oba Ogunmokun Biladu IlI, the Owa of lIesha was crowned at Ijebu-Jesha to confirm this elderly position.

He gallantly fought for and got back the crown belonging to Ijebu­Jesha from lIesha. Having been crowned as a beaded crown Oba, His title was changed from Ogboni of Ijebu-Jesha to the Oba of Ijebu-Jesha in 1958.

Notwithstanding his limited level of education (Standard 4), he developed himself to the extent that there was no one he could not communicate with and there was nobody he could not gain entry into his office, no matter how highly placed that person was. He personally contributed positively to the 1979 Constitution of Nigeria.

He was a very astute politician and was always with the government of the day as he believed that position could always be exploited to bring progress to Ijebu-Jesha. He was a very brave man, who strongly believed in himself as long as he was convinced he was on the right path. In the 1950’s when the whole of Ijesha land was in the NCNC, he formed the local Action Group (AG) and spread it to the whole of Ijesha Northern District Council by convincing them to be on the side of the government of the day as they stand to gain a lot for their individual towns/villages. The Action Group always won landslide victories in his Council. For this gallant performance, he was compensated by the tarring of lIesha – Ita Awure Road in 1958.

During his reigning period, the following amenities were granted to Ijebu-Jesha:

  • Maternity Centre
  • Tarred Roads
  • Farm Settlement on the Ijebu-Jesha- Esa-Oke Road
  • Local Authority Modern School
  • Police Post; and
  • Post Office
  • The supply of electricity and pipe borne water which he laboured for, unfortunately materialised after his abdication.

Following his usual policy of being with the government of the day, for the benefit of Ijebu-Jesha, he joined the Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP) which was in power then. However, his principle back-fired and eventually led to his abdication from the throne of Ijebu-Jesha in the year 1973 because it was seen as an unpopular government. The 1965/66 turmoil in the then Western Region resulted into his decision to abdicate his throne so that peace might reign in Ijebu-Jesha.

During his reign he was the President of the Native Court in Ijebu­Jesha comprising Ijeda-liesha, lIoko-ljesha, Ere, Esa-Odo and Iwoye. He was also a permanent member of the Western region House of Chiefs now (Council of Obas) in 1965.

Since his abdication, he has devoted his time and energy to bringing up his children with the wisdom which God has favourably granted him. He preached unity and exhibited genuine love to his children up to his last minute on earth. He loved Ijebu-Jesha with all his heart to the extent that he does not take kindly to any of his children marrying outside Ijebu-Jesha.

He was a devout Christian of the Anglican denomination. He had a very good and unshaken faith in God even when others tend to be in doubt.

He was survived by wives, children, grand children and great grand children.

He passed on December 11, 1997 at the age of 95 years.

May God Almighty accept his soul. Amen.

Oba M.K. Arójòjoyè, II Family