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The People of Ìjèbú-Jèsà

Ijebu-Jesa being a historical town, has from time immemorial played dynamic roles in Yorubaland. It produced ancient warriors and fighters starting from Oba Agigiri. He was from the story of his war exploits and victories that one of the ancient obas was nick-named ‘Ida-Ekun’. Another war hero was Oba Ajigiteri I. Another was Fariogun. During the Yoruba inter-tribal wars, the following war hero played prominent roles in the Kiriji and Ekiti Parapo wars. Alongside Fabunmi of Imesi were Numo-Ogun, Sabiole, Ekemode-Orogunse, Ogbedun, Ajigiteri and Fariogun. The field commanders were stationed at Ijebu-Jesa but the theatre of war and battlefield was at Ere. It was the connection during these was between Ijebu-Jesa and Ere that Ijebu-Jesa was then named Ijebu-Ere. The name appeared in the then colonial maps.

Ijebu-Jesa has always produced hardworking and dynamic indigenes, pace-setters in many fields. Examples include the first University degree holder in Ijeshaland – Late Mr. J.A. Osanyin, the first female medical doctor in Ijeshaland – Dr. (Mrs.) Nzegwu (nee Yoloye), University professors and erudite scholars, lawyers (Chief N.O. Arowobusoye, etc.), Senior Advocates of Nigeria (Chief Dele Aiku SAN), engineers, industrialists, politicians, top bankers, astute businessmen (Mr. D.B. Aloba, Chief M.A. Ola), big-time farmers and top public servants, Chief P.O. Orunmuyi, Chief S.O. Ogundare, Chief M.O. Fanimokun, Chief Tony Osanyin, Chief J.A. Fademi, etc. and private sector movers (Chief Rotimi Obeisun, Alhaji (Chief) Olalekan Saliu, Chief Ayo Fatiregun, etc.). It is historically significant that only two indigenes of Ijebu-Jesa, have been appointed State Commissioners. They are Chief Bandele Aiku SAN in 1975 in the old Western State and Hon. Dr. Sola Oladeinde, the current Commissioner for Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives in Osun State who was appointed in 2003 and re-appointed in 2005. Further, it should be emphasized that the vast majority of our people are farmers and traders.

50 Years of Ijebu-Jesa Social Club (IJSC) in IJebu-Jesa History.
A 50th Anniversary Publication of IJSC
Edited By: Professor Akin ‘Femi Fajola & Dele Ogunyemi
First Published 2005