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The Ijebu-Jesa Social Club (IJSC)

The Ijebu-Jesa Social  Club is one of the foremost societies in Egboro land, it boasts of so many eminent indigenes of Ijebu-Jesa who are always a force to reckon with when important issues concerning the town are to be discussed. Many of its members have contributed immensely to the growth and development of the community especially in social activities.

The idea of founding the club originated in St. Luke’s College, Molete, Ibadan, where the late Isaac O. Ikotun, the late Martins E.A Oginni and Pa G.O Onibonoje were students for the Teachers Grade Two Certificate. The late Martins E.A Oginni was the protem Chairman, Pa Onibonoje was the protem secretary while the late Isaac O. lkotun was the protem social secretary. Of course, many others joined the founding team. People like the late Pa Dayo Agunsoye who lived in Ibadan the played major roles in turning the idea to reality.

The original objective behind the formation of the club was to brighten the atmosphere and make Ijebu-Jesa more attractive to youths so that they would always want to come home, associate with fellow citizens of Ijebu-Jesa, identify with their place of origin and be proud of it and develop it. This was around the mid-1950s, at that time Ijebu-Jesa was a typical village. They wanted it to grow bigger, expand more, and become first, a town and then a city. They wanted modernisation, they wanted developments and improved standards of living. They realised that the first thing was to make the place more attractive, more homely and brighter. This, then, was their manifesto in 1955. They had a dream. They had faith. They had destiny. They had confidence that they would make a difference no matter the odds.

The club soon grew in leap and bounds and became the toast of every socialites of Ijebu-Jesa descent, they hold that status till date. They later organised different shows, picnics laced with dancing and funfairs. Their annual get together soon became a mini carnival every Christmas and New Year season. It was more or less a fashion parade. This became a kind of dress rehearsals for the grand finale which was the Christmas Eve Dance and Dancing Competition.

The club has evolved over time and has contributed and are still making immense contributions to the growth and development of Ijebu-Jesa till date.

Past Presidents of the IJSC

Name Year
Martins Oginni 1955-1959
Chief V.A Fatiregun 1960-1962
Pa G.O Onibonoje 1963-1964
Mr J.O Oni 1965-1967
Dr. Oluwaniyi Ekemode 1968-1969
HRH Oba Oladele Olashore 1970-1972
Dr. Oluwaniyi Ekemode 1973-1974
Chief Bandele Aiku (SAN) 1975-1977
Chief Akin Oluyemi 1978-1980
Prince Tunde Olashore 1980-1992
Chief Ayo Fatiregun 1992-1999
Prof. Akin Fajola 2000-2011
Chief John Fademi 2012 till date